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At Riverside Financial Group our securities industry professionals have over thirty years of experience in a variety of areas including transactional analysis, churning, mark-ups, NASDAQ market-making and trading, fixed income products and trading, operations, compliance, portfolio management and data mining.

We have testified at over 150 hearings, in both simple and complex high-exposure cases, including arbitrations, mediations, State Court and Federal on such matters as trading analysis, churning, mark-ups, suitability, damage calculations, interest calculations, and hypothetical portfolio performance.


Clients draw on our in-depth knowledge of the securities market and securities firms, its personnel and its operations. This allows us to assimilate and expedite information quickly and effectively aid our clients.

Analysis - We have provided analysis and consulting for a variety of clients for over twenty-five years. Our expertise extends beyond calculating a profit & loss report or a commission analysis. The most valuable service we offer is the knowledge and experience we provide to attorneys regarding the various aspects of securities activity found in broker/dealer accounts.

Testimony - Riverside Financial Group offers expert testimony at hearings in a variety of forums on topics ranging from trading activity through churning and suitability, to damage and interest calculations.

Reports and Exhibits – Riverside Financial Group provides clear and concise reports generated through our proprietary Trade Analytics© software. We prepare standard reports and can deliver a wide variety of special exhibits.

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Data Mining – Searching through large amounts of data is difficult, inefficient, and costly. When faced with the daunting task of examining a large number of transactions for specific parameters or categories, turn to the experts at Riverside Financial Group. We will examine the data, and search for the requested information in a cost-effective, time efficient manner. This service saves our clients time and money. This can be especially important when dealing with regulatory inquiries.


Data Entry – Let Riverside Financial Group manage your data entry requirements. Full internal access to your information allows us to transfer data files smoothly and efficiently, without the time and expense associated with manual data entry. Trade Analytics© can also accept automatic data downloads of statement information, thereby eliminating charges for line entry and greatly improving turnaround time.

The completed data file can then be delivered to the client electronically in the format of their choice for analysis by in-house personnel or analyzed by Riverside Financial Group.

This option gives our clients the flexibility to choose who will prepare the reports as well as reduce the head count and overhead associated with data entry.


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